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What do Businesses really want?

What do Businesses get in return?

An organization's best defense against the potential expense of litigation

is to proactively review its resources and policies, procedures and other functions.

Logistics Resource Consulting

Do you really know your logistics provider?  We ensure you are giving the right tools to ensure your logistic plans are suceeded by ensuring the provider is in the equation.

Our goal to ensure all aspect of logistics is questioned and processed so you can acheive logistic deadlines.  Logistic failure is unacceptable and can be avoided.

Fraud Prevention in Logistics is very crucial and very costly.  Our firm uses strategic measures to prevent this from happening to your company.  We inspect facilites as well as ensure your getting what you paid for.

Unable to fly to China and ensure the deal is done as per your requirements.  We ensure you that you are in control of the buying power and the full process of your order.

Our Advantages

Our Staff are the best we are Technically Skilled in all Field of Logistics

We stay 5 steps ahead of your competitors to ensure your company goal exceeds expectation.  We work with our skillfull team to mathematically ensure you receive the best routing and rates that are out their all while cutting cost and approving across the board logistics.  Dont we all want this well let us do it for you.  We can make your company succeed.  

Our Updates



Carriers are having to use different routings due to the heavy congestions at the port.



Profit and Loss is a great way to succeed in business, always now your expenses



It about that time east coast.  Scientist are forecasting the weather for winter this year and salt suppliers are rushing to be ahead of the game.  Ocean Freight and Exporting Forecast.